New Basement Construction Underpinning Foundation Waterproofing

Construction of new basement externally within reinforced waterproof concrete walls and reinforced concrete slab. The internal basement was constructed by extending the existing foundations using an underpinning method and the these walls were then lined with a 150mm concrete wall. The ground was battered back and the excavation done in a piecemeal way. We installed the drainage and sump pumps installed for waterproofing. Waterproof concrete was used as the first line of defence and the internal walls were finished with a delta membrane.

Foundation Strengthening works and reinforced ground beams

Strengthening of existing foundations to support additional floors. The works involved excavating alongside existing foundations, tying reinforced ground beams with chemical anchors to the existing foundations. The strengthened foundations supported a steel frame and a moment steel frame to give the building stability.

Constructing Steel Beam Foundation to Crossover Major Sewer

Steel beam foundation resting on reinforced concrete pads, the steel beam is finished and encased in concrete. Installed a block and beam floor, drainage and soakaways. Our own structural engineers designed the foundations as a most effective solution to form the cross over the main sewer running in the middle of the site.

Major Works – Reinforced Ground Beams – Piling – Concrete Frame

Site levelling, Piling, Groundworks, Reinforced Concrete Beams

Another major project started with works involving groundworks, site levelling, construction of reinforced ground beams on piled foundations – over fifteen tonnes of reinforcement used, over fifty grab lorry load of muck removed from site.

Reinforced Concrete Retaining Walls Over Four Metres High

Reinforced Concrete Walls

Constructed a reinforced concrete wall up to 450 mm thick using temporary formwork panels.  Our own in house design team designed all the temporary works required and also offered a non piling solution for the construction of the foundations.


Basement Construction – Underpinning – Structural Steel –

Under house basement construction works – converting an existing cellar into two spacious flats.

Main areas of our work
  • installation of structural steel
  • basement structural alterations
  • removal of structural walls
  • underpinning method to extend the existing foundations of the building to form the basement walls
  • reinforced concrete floor slab
  • basement waterproofing
  • basement pumped drainage


Major Piling (CFA) Continuous Flight Auger

Piling works to form a contiguous piled wall for basement construction

  • Deep Piling
  • Continuos Flight Auger – CFA
  • Site Clearance
  • Site Demolition
  • Site Leveling
  • Site Setting Out




Demolition, Foundations and Drainage- Major Works Slough

High street demolition works, groundworks and site clearance to make way for the construction of flats in the town centre.

  • Busy High Street
  • Major Demolition
  • Soft Demolition
  • Surgical Demolition
  • Deep Trench Foundations
  • Deep Excavations
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Concrete pouring
  • Drainage
  • Site Setting
  • Site leveling


Piling and Ground Beams – Hounslow London

Piling works and reinforced concrete ground beams to enable the construction of flats on a busy London town high street.

  • reinforced concrete ground beams
  • continuous flight auger piling (cfa)
  • piling mat
  • groundworks
  • concrete beams
  • steel mesh and ground beams construction