Basement Construction London
Design and Build

Over The Last Few Years Due To The Rises In Property Prices Basements Have Become Very Popular As A Means For Creating Additional Living Spaces For Personal Living Or For Investment.

We Are Able To Provide A Complete Project Basement Construction In London Which Includes;

  • Design Service Including Planning And Detailed Design
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Specialist Survey Reports
  • The Cost Plans

For More Information Please Contact Us  – We Work Across London And The Home Counties.

Large Scale Basement Works

During the course of previous years, we have expanded into doing large scale basement works for large scale commercial clients that specialising in developing residential property.

We refer to our case study in respect of our works to construct a 500m2 basement.

Our works involve the design of the basement structural engineering, waterproofing, drainage and other associated works.


We have our own in-house design team that is able to specify the works and develop a cost-effective project.  The benefits of using our in-house design team is that its experience is site related and real-world conditions.

Regardless whether the works are large or small basements; the works involve significant levels of excavations, that can be deep, and these sections of the works need to be managed with the designed locked in right at the beginning of the works.  We have been in a situation where the client team designed the drainage system late in the day, requiring us to excavate part of the already excavated basement to a depth of 9.5 metres to accommodate the installation of the foul pumping station.

In the early stages of the project prior to the actual physical start of the works, we confirm all information with the client such as the design of the waterproofing scheme and its acceptance by the home warranty provider, the methodology as well as the risk assessment of doing the works, with the other elements of cost savings and asking the questions can the design be changed to save additional costs, like do we need to pile the site and if the excavations and works can be done on a piecemeal bases.

For more information about our work please see our case studies and more information about the skills and the services we can offer through our in-house design team.

Under House Basement Construction

These Are Important Since The Work To Extend The Walls Into The Ground May Involve An Underpinning Process To Create The Basement And This May Require The Underpinning To Extend Into Your Neighbour’s Property.

Open Excavation Under Garden Basement Construction

We Are Able To Offer The Construction Of Your Basement In Your Garden.  This Can Be Done As An Open Excavation Where The Basement Is Extended Beyond The Boundary Of The House And Well Into The Garden.


The Method Of Construction Would Be Based On Access To The Site, The Ground Conditions And The Residential Area.  All These Factors Will Determine The Cost Of Construction And We Will Be Able To Advise You On The Costs Prior To Commencement Of Any Works.  We Also Advise That Prior To The Start Of Any Construction That The Boundary Lines Are Clearly Agreed With Neighbours So As To Avoid Any Difficult Situations Upon Start Of The Works.

Please see Our case study for this type of work here and additional information how we are able to save costs as well as work without having to rely on heavy machinery with minimum level of disruption to the environment and neighbouring properties