Our demolition services cover
a range of areas – 

High Street Demolition, Commercial Multi Storey Demolition, Residential Demolition, Facade Retention, Temporary Works, Asbestos Removal, Bulk Removal of Muck and Contaminated Waste

High Street Demolition

We have experience of demolishing structures located on high street where we operate in a delegate and surgical manner to remove the structure.  Within this context we are able to conduct a soft strip of the building by removing piece by piece to minimise risk and also enable materials to be separated for recycling.

Demolition Health and Safety

Prior to any demolition-taking place we carry out a detailed risk assessment and advise you of all the steps we will be taking to avoid all risks and the steps you as the client will need to do to comply with health and safety requirements.

As part of heath and safety we are able to provide dust suppressants, onsite crushing and screening, which can be crushed to the client’s specification for possible reuse on site.

Commercial and Multi Storey Buildings

We have the expertise to demolish multi storey buildings and commercial premises whether they are in centre of the town or in residential areas.

Façade Retention and Temporary Works

We are able to offer engineering solutions and have a team of operatives that are able to secure the façade of the building before the rest of the structure for demolition.

Asbestos Removal

We have a team of professionals who are able to carry asbestos surveys identifying the type of contamination and have the team to remove the asbestos from the site before the building is demolished.  Our work includes the provision of all protection of the site and any areas of public access.


Hoarding and Fencing

We are able to provide all types of hoarding and fencing to protect the site and create safe areas for public and site personnel. The work can be done to the client’s specification or we can do this on the client’s behalf.

Bulk Removal of Muck and Contaminated Waste

There are number of brownfield sites within urban areas that are coming up for development and most of these sites tend to be contaminated as a result of their past industrial use.  We have a team of people with expertise to safely decontaminate the site and remove the contaminated spoil to a licensed waste station for safe disposal.