CSMAN LTD specialise in all forms of groundworks

These works include, trench foundations, deep excavations, surface and underground drainage, utilities ducting, other foundations, reinforced concrete works, temporary works, piled foundations, pad foundations, reinforced concrete retaining walls are some of the types of works covered under the description of ground works.

We work with clients direct at the earliest stage of their project and most of clients ask us to the site preparations and the groundworks before they let the main contract out. This gives the client the confidence that his site is level, the excavations and the foundations are complete and the site is ready for the next stage. This also provides an effective cost control for the client since all matters in relation to the ground and the unknown are dealt with and do not impact the main contract.


As part of our groundworks we also provide temporary site access roads and paths with a full traffic management system. We have an effective team of personnel and contractors that work with us. We provide all the risk assessment work and methodologies of our work prior to commencement of any works and during the tender stages and discussions we will highlight all the safety aspects of the site that need to be met prior to any commencement of the works.

These safety aspects of the work include, site hoarding, ground surface hardening for example through compacting of stone and installation of land drainage such as