Continuous Flight or Continuous Stem Auger Piling Standard Flight Auger Piling Tubular Steel Piles and Continuous Helical Displacement Piles

Piling has around with us for a long time in the past people built house on timber piles and nowadays these timbers are replaced by concrete piles.  There is various types of piling and each method is suited to a particular type of property design loading, the type of ground conditions and costs.  The cost of piling in recent times has come down quite considerably as a result of much better piling rigs coming in all shapes and sizes.


Pile Design
Before the Start of Works

Clients present us with plans and information of their foundation requirements, which also includes piling-2. Prior to us being able to confirm costs to do the piling and associated works, clients will need to supply us with a copy of their geo technical report which details the ground conditions, the type of building being constructed together with the loadings.

Once we have this information, we are able to give an initial indication of the type of piling-2 that is likely to be the most effective method for the project.  Upon acceptance of this and our appointment, we will design the piling solutions through our engineers with all the calculations and drawings, which we also be used for building regulations approval.Please note that without this information being produced and submitted to the building regulations, work cannot start on site.

Site Conditions

The site should be dry, level and solid for a piling rig to stand.  Depending on the type and size of the piles, the ground should be able to accommodate, up to forty tonne rigs.

Standard Flight Auger (SFA)

This is the most cost effective piling solution where the ground conditions are good.  This type of piling method is used for range of construction purposes to support all types of loads.

The method involves using a solid auger to form the pile and once it is withdrawn from the pile, it is filled with ready mixed concrete and followed by dropping pre formed steel cages.

Continuous Flight Auger
Piling (CFA)

This is one of the most common piling systems we come across in most of work.  This piling method is used for number of purposes, which includes support to accommodate large working loads in areas where the ground conditions are poor and wet with pile lengths upto 20metres.

The piles are formed using an auger, which has a hollow stem through which the concrete is pumped under pressure as the flight auger lifted out.  This has the effect of ensuring that the pile retains it form and does not collapse as a result of poor ground conditions.

Steel cages are then dropped into the pile once the auger has cleared the pile.

Tubular Steel Piles and Continuous Helical Displacement Piles (CHD)

These piles are used in situations where support for large heavy loads is required and also to address matters of heave due to ground and vegetation conditions.

The piles are formed by driving a hollow steel tube into the ground with a special rig with hydraulic rigs.  The hollow stem of the steel tube is filled with concrete.