Foundation Strengthening works and reinforced ground beams

Strengthening of existing foundations to support additional floors. The works involved excavating alongside existing foundations, tying reinforced ground beams with chemical anchors to the existing foundations. The strengthened foundations supported a steel frame and a moment steel frame to give the building stability.

Constructing Steel Beam Foundation to Crossover Major Sewer

Steel beam foundation resting on reinforced concrete pads, the steel beam is finished and encased in concrete. Installed a block and beam floor, drainage and soakaways. Our own structural engineers designed the foundations as a most effective solution to form the cross over the main sewer running in the middle of the site.

Demolition, Foundations and Drainage- Major Works Slough

High street demolition works, groundworks and site clearance to make way for the construction of flats in the town centre.

  • Busy High Street
  • Major Demolition
  • Soft Demolition
  • Surgical Demolition
  • Deep Trench Foundations
  • Deep Excavations
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Concrete pouring
  • Drainage
  • Site Setting
  • Site leveling