This is a natural extension of work from below ground to above ground structures.

This represents a major benefit for clients in respect of us being able to provide a continuous structural service that renders a watertight structure, leaving the client to complete the remaining part of the building.

The main aspect of our work is that we are able to offer a design build service in ensuring that we are able to cost effectively design and build the structural skeleton of the building (super structure).

There are number of benefits that a structural concrete and a steel frame offer.  The main benefit is the speed of the build as well as offering floor space which is clear span.  However, the cost of the type of the frame is dependent on the design.  If the design is complicated, then this can quickly remove all the cost effectiveness of the project.


Large part of any concrete or steel framework is the cost of the temporary works in supporting and propping the large sections of floor, walls and columns.  We have overtime continued to invest in our own temporary works equipment.  This is couples with support from our partners who provide us with additional assistance of supply of equipment as well as engineering temporary design support including training for operatives to correctly install the equipment.

On each of our project’s we have our own survey team and structural engineers to support the staff on the ground, ensuring that it is correctly built and dealing with any onsite obstacles.

For your next or current project contact us for information as to how we can assist you in building your project, efficiently, cost effectively and the within a greed time scales.

The advantages of using us to help construct your super structure steel frame or concrete frame
    • Our own in-house design team – Structural engineers and survey that provide design and on-site support.
    • Using us to do the design could help to reduce cost due to our understanding of the real-world conditions.
    • We are competitive.
    • Highly skilled staff and operatives to build your project.
    • Investment in our own temporary works equipment and support from world leading temporary works supplier Mabey Hire Limited.

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