CSMAN LTD expertise lies in groundworks, covering, deep foundations, piling, underpinning, basement construction, temporary works, demolition, resurfacing, structural steel and super structure works.  We offer range of methods and are able to advise you on the best options to use in terms of the type of foundations suitable for your building, the best way to excavate and do your basement construction as well as the associated works.


We mostly work directly with developers, where we are asked to prepare the ground for them well before the job proceeds to main contract. This in effect saves them time in allowing works to start on site whilst allowing the professional team to refine their designs.  Hence at this stage our work would include demolition, groundwork preparation and foundations, installation of surface and underground drainage, utilities ducting and site access roads. Thus saving the developer a considerable amount on his overall construction costs.  We can work on labour and plant only basis and are open to any mutual propositions.

Our work is across London – we are based in Hayes, Middlesex and are a small growing professional team of contractors, construction workers, designers, engineers and other experts.  Therefore if you have a project and are unsure how to proceed, then we can help you.  Our management services will put together a design team that will see through the process of your requirements for example, planning, engineering designs and professional survey reports. All our design work is based around affordability; we therefore make sure that the design of your project makes the building work less complex and build-able to a reasonable cost.  We have advised clients in the past through our quantity surveyors about the potential return they will get on their project and on the sites they have acquired.  Looking at questions such as whether it is worthwhile for them to develop their site.  We reply with a honest fact based approach, resulting in some clients postposing their plans until the right economic conditions make it possible for their project to proceed.