If you are considering a large or a small-scale project that then
can help you with this project. 

We have an in house team of:
  • Architectural Designers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Main Contracting Team
  • Geotechnical Soil Engineers

We have noted during the course of our works that there are jobs that if designed differently we could have saved the client substantial sums of money.This indeed was the case before we started our works to develop the site Surbiton, Thames Ditton, Surrey.

The design as it was drawn was complex and in partnership with the client and the main contracting team, we managed to make large cost savings resulting in the development becoming cost effective.  Please see our case study (Portsmouth Road).

I have obtained planning permission

In the event that you have already obtained your planning permission we can assist you in further developing your project.  This we do in the following ways –

  • We will study your plans and the approved decision notice. From this we will determine the planning conditions attached and what needs to be discharged.
  • Any conditions to be discharged we can discharge for you under our design and build brief.
  • We will look at the ground conditions and if need be, we will ask that a ground geotechnical survey be done if not already done to determine the bearing capacity of the soil and any issues in relation to pollution and ground water.
  • We will detail a project build cost for your project and if agreed we will draw up the detailed project plans with a view to commencing works within a agreed timescales.
  • Should you want we are able to provide a design build project management service where we can do all the structural works like for example, the construction of the basement, installation of the drainage, foundations, piling, the above ground structures like the steel frame or the concrete frame.
  • Once these works are complete, we are able to provide you with management support to complete the project using your own contractors for the fit out and associated works.

Our approach is flexible, and we would urge that if you have a project and want to benefit from a cost effective and professional management of your works whilst under your control then contact us

I want to develop What do I do?

If you have planning permission, then you have overcome the first hurdle.
If you have not, then no worries we can help you in the following way –

  • Our expert planning advisers will meet with you and discuss your project in detail. They will take into account and tell you what is possible and doable in a no-nonsense way.
  • Our initial advice and guidance are free of charge and during this process we will also give you an outline cost guidance as to how much your project will cost to complete including all the professional fees, utilities, legal and construction costs.
  • During the initial stages we will advise you of the timescales involved and the pitfalls one will face during the planning process. Our approach is one is to help you manage your risks and ensure that you do not get caught in a quagmire of planning nightmare.
  • Prior to going to planning we will also look at the geology of the site, which may mean doing some limited geotechnical soil testing to ensure that the ground will not present us with surprises, and this will basically help us define the cost of the development.
  • We have come across some projects where they could not proceed since the cost of building become formidable due to the poor ground conditions. If this was known well in advance this could have saved the client a fortune and a lot of disappointment!
  • Once planning has been obtained, we will proceed further with you confirming and agreeing with you the true cost of the development. At this stage we should not have any surprises since the planning process would have involved a design that makes the project cost effective and fits within your budget.
  • Throughout the process we will work with you for example on about the internal finishing’s such as interior design and the landscaping of the property.
  • If you wish we can also provide a design and build service on the structural element only. This basically means for example we can construct the basement, install the drainage, foundations, the steel frame, concrete frame of the building including the floors and the roof. Leaving you to complete the rest of the building fit out.
The following are members of our design and build team