Oasis Tower is an iconic high rise mixed use project in Worli, Mumbai, to be developed under Oasis Realty (a joint venture between Sahana and Oberoi Realty). Once complete, the project will consist of twin towers, with the tallest tower standing at 372 metres (1,220ft) with 85 floors and 239 metres (784 ft) with 53 floors, housing a luxury hotel, office and retail space. The Project designed by (Architect) KPF USA, structural consultant LERA, USA and Contractor Samsung C&T, Korea.

Many of the world’s tallest landmark building projects like the Burj Khalifa in UAE and the Petronas Tower in Malaysia was constructed by Samsung C&T Corporation. Due for completion in 2016, Oasis Tower will be the second tallest building in India.


Fosroc’s state-of-the-art concrete lab in Ankleswar (Gujarat state) was used to customize the product range to meet the concrete requirement of the raft foundation, slabs, vertical and horizontal members. The use of the lab helped the developers to select quality and durable concrete solutions with the flexibility to customize it to suit the developer’s needs.

The grades of concrete were M40 (raft and horizontal members) and M50 to M80 (vertical members-columns) with an excellent workability retention of over 3 hours, allowing for the concrete to be as workable as possible without compromising the strength or durability when hardened. The total quantity of concrete for the raft is approximately 32,000 m3 and for the vertical and horizontal member being approximately 200,000 m3.

Fosroc developed PCE based admixture designed specifically for this project. Auramix 300 solution was used for the raft and horizontal members and Auramix 400 for high grade and high rise building concrete (vertical members).

A customer requirement of pumping self-compacting concrete at a height of 290m was tested by conducting rheology property using Rheometer which determines the resistance of concrete to shear. In addition Fosroc developed, for the first time in India, the Auramix 500 solution of M200 grade concrete.

To date, 690MT of Auramix 300 and 780MT of Auramix has been utilized with the project still under construction.


Fosroc admixture solutions has proven to be technically advanced and versatile in accommodating the variation of raw materials required and change in mix design to make the concrete. The flexibility to meet the client’s requirements has proven successful, whilst keeping the schedule of the project on time and cost effective.